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Assistant Scientist

Job responsibilities include but not limited to:

Functions as a trainee Study Director. Prior to promotion to the Scientist level, the Assistant Scientist will have performed satisfactorily for at least a-12 month period in assisting in all aspects of the Study Director role (as defined in the Position Description for the Scientist) and will have been judged by the Scientific Director and Director of Toxicology to be competent to be a Study Director.

Functions as a junior study manager under the guidance of the Study Director. The Assistant Scientist is not permitted to be the authorizing signatory on any driving document, but can be involved in study performance as follows:

  • Participate in preparation of schedule of study activities within contributing departments. 
  • Able to plan and coordinate upcoming studies.
  • Able to monitor and control studies and problem solve. 
  • Able to implement and monitor appropriate techniques of test article administration.
  • Aware and conversant with all associated SOPs. 
  • Fully aware of appropriate Good Laboratory Practices.
  • Prepare study schedules, protocols, protocol amendments and draft reports. 
  • Limited exposure to client contact with supervision of Study Director.
  • Satisfactory performance in Toxicology/Other Examinations required for progression to Scientist I. 

Familiarization with appropriate regulations, guidelines and guidances.

The Assistant Scientist must ensure that a safe working environment is maintained by all project related staff through the observance of safety procedures, the use of protective clothing or equipment and by the distribution of relevant safety information.

This may be period may vary depending on experience and the applicants aptitude.


  • Ph.D., D.V.M., M.Sc., or B.Sc. in Toxicology or related biological discipline or suitable other experience.Alternatively, the candidate must be in the process of obtaining a Scientific degree.