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Molecular Biology and Antibody Engineering Assistant or Associate Director_Biologics


• Lead a team for antibody generation and optimization, protein engineering, including optimizing vector, cell line and culture process.
• Lead integrated projects from target identification to lead optimization
• Has a solid research skill in molecular biology, vector design and construction, and proficient in using various gene database
• Has deep understanding of recombinant protein, therapeutic antibody, and protein engineering.
• Able to effectively prioritize team efforts, summarize data, write and present report.
• Other responsibilities may be added at the company's discretion.

Basic Qualifications:

• Ph.D. in molecular biology, protein chemistry, structural biology, or related field.   
• Managerial experience in biotech or pharmaceutical companies
• A strong motivation in pursue science in drug discovery.
• Adaptable and productive in a fast-paced environment
• Good communication skills required, including writing and presentation in English.
• Strong team-working spirit and excellent communication and inter-personal skills.
• Knowledge of bispecific antibody engineering/directed evolution methods
• Experience in structural characterization of protein-protein complexes, preferably antibody-antigen complexes is a plus
• Knowledge of regulation and IND filing
• Experience in patent search and filing

Any applications, pls contact: zheng_yun0101@wuxiapptec.com; global_talent@wuxiapptec.com