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  • Include working with our team of scientists and informatics staff on continued development and implementation of the tumor vs germline analysis based on our informatics pipeline applied to whole exome and whole genome datasets.  
  • Responsibilities include working with our informatics group to give feedback on our systems and defining strategies and content to further improve the analysis and interpretation of tumor-specific mutations. 
  • Our mature informatics pipeline was developed and validated using whole genome sequence data on hundreds of thousands of patients.  It begins with the raw sequence data and results in comprehensive variant calls, tumor-specific calls, and variant annotations along with raw BAM file data stored in our novel sequence database infrastructure.  
  • These data and results are efficiently accessible through our validated web-based sequence analysis tools that integrate public domain disease variant and annotation datasets.  The raw sequence data underlying potential pathogenic variants are immediately visualized using our genome browser for confirmation.  This user-friendly system significantly reduces hands on time for analysis and interpretation of sequence-based tests. 
  • The successful candidate will be located at our Cambridge site and will work directly with partner medical centers, laboratories, and pharmaceutical companies in interpretation of research and clinical sequencing tests using our informatics systems.
  • Additional duties include training of outside users and the testing and validation of new versions of the sequence analysis tools.

Basic Qualifications:

  • Include MD, with or without a PhD, with clinical training and experience in oncology as well as past research in tumor genetics and biology. 
  • Experience in oncology drug development or with tumor sequence data is a plus.  
  • At least 5 years’ experience in clinical and research oncology is required.

Job Function: Research & Development

Primary Location: Cambridge, MA

Please contact Gregg.Hackett@wuxiapptec.com  for more information about this position