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Senior Bioinformatician_WuXi NextCode


• Perform complex bioinformatics analyses and data interpretation for large datasets (WGS/WES), particularly in cohort study and oncology projects. Write technical reports and discuss key findings with clients.   
• Supervise junior members of bioinformatics team; communicate with collaborators, clients and global team members; coordinate different projects.
• Perform experiment design and write experiment proposals.
• Evaluate and utilize bioinformatics analysis methods and tools; build and optimize bioinformatics workflow.
• Collaborate with team members across different function groups, including sales, technical supports and research scientists. Provide relevant training to different groups.


Basic Qualifications:

• PhD in bioinformatics, computational biology, genomics, statistics or a related field; or MS degree with related working experience.
• At least two years of experience in genomics, biotechnology or related company, in-depth knowledge in NGS data analysis and workflow.  Experience in large cohort study and oncology will be a plus.
• Familiar with Unix/Linux system and shell programming; working experience with computing cluster is a plus.
• Proficient in python. Working knowledge in Perl, Matlab, R, C++, Java will be a plus. Comfortable with biostatics.
• Proficient in technical/scientific English. Strong communication and coordination skills.
• Project management and coordination experience will be a plus.


Any applications, pls contact: yan_lin@wuxiapptec.com; global_talent@wuxiapptec.com