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Director or above for Process R&D-STA

This position is based in Shanghai-WGQ, China, reporting to PRD Executive Director at WuXi AppTec.

Job responsibilities include but not limited to:


  • Be able to handle one or more major cooperation.
  • Be aware of all the requirements on all the projects in the department such as priority, timeline and other special requirements from clients.
  • Finalize the research plan and the execution program, Ensure the team fully understand the whole plan and guideline to solve the issues during execution, avoid the impact on the progress and the timeline of the whole project when issues occur.
  • Coordinate all the resource and make adjustment according to the progress and timeline on time.
  • Immediately communicate with upper management and clients when issues to impact the progress and plan of the projects occur; and provide backup plan to ensure success of the project.
  • Review COA of products.


  • Communicate with clients efficiently by TC or email (carefully organize the materials and the detailed information)
  • Ensure clients to be satisfied with our communications
  • Ensure all the reports (including weekly update, final report , PPT file and campaign report) to be ready on time
  • Response to clients immediately by TC or email for some special requirements.
  • Assist to build good relationship with clients and to arrange visit for clients.


  • Be able to lead multiple groups (30 chemists or above) simultaneously
  • Be able to manage multiple projects (10 projects or above) simultaneously
  • Organize all kinds of the trainings on the whole team to continuously improve the ability of the team
  • Promote talented team members and evaluate on all the group leaders or team remembers
  • Optimize the workflow and involve the daily management of the department
  • Recruit new staff and provide trainings


  • Ensure team members to strictly comply with all the policies of company and department. Daily Check lab safety , notebook and IP
  • Ensure the personal safety of team members and the safety of labs. Investigate and prevent any violations and accidents.


  • PhD in organic chemistry or equivalent degree. 
  • Be proficient in organic chemistry, process R&D and GMP regulations. 
  • Excellent in presentation and communication in English. 
  • 10 years or above experience in organic synthesis or process R&D; 6 years or above work experience; 5 years or above project management experience.
  • Demonstrate ability in problem solving, communications, project management and coordination, and team cooperation. 

Any applications, Please contact: gitty_wang@wuxiapptec.com;global_talent@wuxiapptec.com