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STA Process Research & Development Senior Director and above


• Manage all responsible projects, including setting project priority and delivery timelines. Meet customer requirements by understanding the customer needs.
• Make decision on the project plan and is responsible for executing the plan. Ensure that your group members have full understanding of the project plan. Provide technical guidance to the staff and troubleshoot project issues in a timely manner to ensure smooth progress of the project.
• Properly allocate resources to all projects and make adjustments whenever is needed, ensuring that every project meets delivery timeline.
• When the delivery timeline of a project is impacted, immediately report to upper management and communicate with the customer. Propose solutions and modify the project plan if needed to ensure the success of the project. Communicate with the customer, including writing project proposal, organizing tele-conference with the customer, reviewing and updating reports on ongoing projects, setting project priority and preparing project final report.
• Communicate with the customer in a timely manner and ensure customer satisfaction. The average annual score of customer survey is not lower than B, and try to be A.
• Recruit new staff and ensure that they receive proper and adequate trainings. Coach staffs so that they continuously improve their work skills. Review and rank group member performance.
• Promote ≥ 5 talented group members every year.
• Conduct daily management of your group, establish and improve the workflow of your group. Bring the operating costs of your group under budget and improve the work efficiency of your group.
• Provide coaching to your group members and prepare training documents.
• Ensure that your group members receive proper trainings, be developed and coached to comply with company and department policies, especially IP protection policy.
• Ensure the personal safety of your team members and the safety of your labs. Establish and implement lab SOP, and investigate any lab accident and propose solutions to prevent the occurrence of such event.

Basic Qualifications

• PhD or Master in organic chemistry or equivalent degree. Be proficient in organic chemistry, process R&D and GMP regulations.
• More than 12 years experience in organic synthesis or process R&D; more than 6 years work experience after PhD graduation; more than 4 years project management experience.
• Excellent in presentation and communication in English
• Demonstrate ability in problem solving, communications, project management and coordination, and team building.
• Recognized in the Industry and the scientific community for his/her in-depth expertise in regulated process research and development and proven scientific accomplishments.
• Distinguished for his/her ability to envision new business opportunities, create strong relationships with clients, as well as to make things happen at operational level.
• Demonstrate outstanding and balanced participative/directive and process leadership.
• A talent for fostering resources optimization, continuous improvement and operational efficiency.
• Exceptional aptitudes for analyzing problems and finding innovative solutions.
• Proven ability to motivate, mentor and work efficiently, as well as with persons from other cultures, as in cross-functional and self-directed work teams

Any applications, pls contact: gitty_wang@wuxiapptec.com; global_talent@wuxiapptec.com