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Director/Senior Director of Protein and Structural Biology

Key accountabilities: 

  • This person will be primarily in charge group of Protein expression, purification, protein crystal structure determination and structural based drug design. 
  • The work includes molecular biology including gene expression, protein purification optimization of existing strategies and crystallizing proteins in the presence or absence of small molecule ligands, protein crystallization, diffraction data collection (in house and synchrotron), structure determination, refinement, and structural analysis are required. 
  • Experience with high throughput gene-to-structure work is preferred. 
  • You are also responsible for writing protocols, procedures, reports and other documentation as necessary to support the customer and operation. 
  • The successful candidate will fit well in a collaborative environment and must exhibit excellent communication skills.


The qualified candidate will have a Ph. D. in Biochemistry, Structural Biology, Protein Chemistry or related fields, have both experience in academy and >5 year experience in industry. In addition, you should have:

  • Strong background and experience in molecular biology and microbiology
  • Expertise in Crystallization with vapor diffusion technique, HTP screening with robotic machine and manual screening.
  • Be familiar with macromolecular crystal structure determination method including MR, MIR, MAD and SAD.
  • Extensive experience with structure determination program package; HKL2000, D*Track, CCP4, DS, Coot, O, Pymol and Afitt.
  • A strong record of accomplishment (papers, patents and presentations).
  • A strong team work ethic and excellent communication and presentation skills.
  • Verbal and written fluency in Mandarin Chinese and English.