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Novira's Novel Approach to Anti-HBV Drug Discovery

This month’s Innovation That Matters featuresDr. Osvaldo (Lalo) Flores, CSO of Novira Therapeutics, a leading biotech based in Philadelphia, PA with novel approaches in anti-HBV drug discovery.  Hepatitis B infection presents a significant unmet medical need.  An estimated 350 million people worldwide are living with chronic HBV infection and many of these infected patients incur a higher risk of cirrhosis and liver cancer.  Current drugs approved the the treatment of HBV can effectively suppress virus replication, but rarely lead to a cure. 
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Breakthrough in fight against antibiotic resistance
Source: ScienceDaily

Silencing of prostaglandin receptor EP2 induces autoimmune Th17 cells

Direct S1P lyase inhibitors to treat MS and other autoimmune and inflammatory diseases
Source: PubMed

Elevated sphingosine-1-phosphate promotes sickling and sickle cell disease progression
Source: The Journal of Clinical Investigation

The Cancer Stem Cell Marker Aldehyde Dehydrogenase Is Required to Maintain a Drug-Tolerant Tumor Cell Subpopulation
Source: PubMed

In Single Gene, a Path to Fight Heart Attacks
Source: New York Times

Hot Topics: CAR-T

CAR (chimeric antigen receptor) technology is a novel T-cell immunotherapy to treat cancer.  In CAR immunotherapy, immune T-cells are re-coded to identify and seek out cells that express proteins present on a patient's cancerous tumor.  When the T cells are re-introduced into the patient's blood, they bind to the targeted cancer cells and destroy them.

Pfizer, Cellectis Launch Up to 2.9B+ CAR-T Cancer Collaboration
Source: GEN

Kite Pharma rides the CAR-T current to a $128M IPO
Source: FierceBiotech

Cancer-Fighter Juno Therapeutics Hits The Pause Button On Trial After Patient Deaths
Source: Forbes

CAR-Ts: Remission now stretch toward 4 years
Source: FierceBiotech

bluebird Rides in Celgene CAR T-cells Program
Source: GEN

Brentjens Discusses Key Questions in CAR T-Cell Therapies
Source: OncLive
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