Submit New Inquiry, Order Process:

1. Is WuXi V-Lab for me?

WuXi V-Lab is the first mobile app launched by WuXi AppTec and made available to the global research community in need of small-molecule compound synthesis. WuXi V-Lab allows anyone to request organic compound synthesis anytime and anywhere through a mobile device with ease, speed, and flexibility.

2. How does the order process work?

You can complete the full cycle of ordering a custom synthesis in six simple steps online via the WuXi V-Lab: Inquiry ➜ Quotation ➜ Purchase Order ➜ Product Confirmation ➜ Delivery ➜ Payment.

3. How do I submit an inquiry/custom project?

To submit an inquiry, simply upload a photo of the molecular structure either from 1. a hand drawing 2.from literature,3.or provide the CAS number or the MDL number of the requested molecule. One of the above 3 is required. Entering synthetic references or related information to the molecule is not required but highly recommended.

4. What is a CAS number of a MDL number?

A CAS Number is a unique numerical identifier assigned by Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS) to every chemical substance described in the open scientific literature. Almost all molecule databases today allow searching by CAS Registry Number. For example, the CAS number of water is 7732-18-5.

You can also specify a substance by MDL number, a unique identification number for compound, reaction and variation. Example: MFCD00022266

5. Can I upload more than one image to the new inquiry page?

You can only upload one image to the new inquiry page. And you can add more info in Comment section. To cancel an inquiry, simply select “decline” in the next step of quotation confirmation.

6. Can I edit or cancel a new inquiry?

You cannot edit your inquiry once it is submitted. Just submit a new inquiry with your changes and cancel your current one.

7. When can I expect to receive a quotation from WuXi after I submit an inquiry?

Once an inquiry is submitted, you will receive a quotation within 24 hours. We may contact with you via email or phone if the inquiry is unclear or requires additional information. It is important that you have the accurate email address and phone number in your profile.

8. Can I further discuss in person with customer service about the pricing and delivery date on the quotation?

You can contact us at before you decline the quotation in the quotation confirmation step.

9. How can I make special comments about my inquiry/project?

Leave your message in the comment field of the New Inquiry field.

10. What if I need to change the requested amount or purity of a molecule that I have already submitted?

Although it is the same target compound, you still need to submit a new inquiry. Go to New Inquires and submit a new inquiry with your new amount or purity level.

11. How do I submit an inquiry for a series compounds?

Create a new inquiry for each compound and submit your compounds one at a time. We will provide you a discounted package price for your series of compounds. Alternatively, you can submit an inquiry with your notes in the comment field to inform us that you are requesting multiple compounds. We will quote you at the discounted package price for your project.

12. Can I make a purchase or submit an inquiry over the phone?

You can submit an inquiry over the phone and we will confirm the exact structure of compound with you via email since compound have to be validated by structure or its unique CAS or MDL registration number.

13. How is my new inquiry/project information protected?

We use multiple encryptions and authentications to protect the information.

14. Is my data/project confidential and secure with WuXi V-lab?

Protection of intellectual property and confidential information is the lifeline of WuXi and we adhere to the highest standards of ethics and business conduct. All the information will be safely stored on our server. WuXi has strong IP protection rules and internal audit process to make sure your data is secure. .

Track Your Order:

1. What happens next once I confirm my purchase order?

Once you confirmed the purchase order, the synthesis process will be initiated immediately, and you will be notified with an alert when synthesis is completed.

2. What should I do if I don’t receive my compounds on the expected delivery date stated on the Purchase Order?

We will take proactive actions to inform you once we see any deviation from the expected compound specifications and timeline.

3. How can I track product shipments

You will receive the tracking # of the product delivery in the APP once it delivered.


1. What are the shipping methods for my compounds? Particularly for those compounds that are unstable?

Usually we will use FedEx or other qualified carrier. If the compound is unstable, cold-chain transportation will be chosen.

2. Can I select my preferred carrier provider?

Yes, you can enter the info at comments part or contact us at Our delivery team will contact you for details.

3. Is it permissible to enter my shipping address in a language other than English?

Yes, it is OK. But we recommend you to use English.

4. I need my compounds sooner than I initially requested. Can I request for an earlier delivery date after the product confirmation step?

Yes, please contact us at We will get feedback to you regarding this possibility. An extra fee might be charged for urgent processing.


1. How do I make a payment?

Our customer service team will contact you for payment details and will send you an invoice via email. The online payment feature is currently under development

2. What payment types do you accept?

We accept wire transfer, VISA,Master Card,JCB,American Express Card,China Union Pay.

WuXi V-Lab Account:

1. What if I forgot my User ID or Password?

Click “Forget Password” then enter your registered email address, An email will forward to you, just follow the instruction in email to get new password.

2. How do I cancel my account?

Please contact us at

3. How do I share this app with a friend?

Click “My V-lab”, then click “share with friends”, a QR code is showed. Scan the code, you can get to the download page. You can also download it on Apple APP store, Amazon APP store and Google play.