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Biostatistician (Shanghai, China)

Key Accountibilities:

  • Develops statistical analysis plans and reporting specifications for simple clinical studies.
    • Develops and describes appropriate statistical techniques for the analysis of data in a statistical analysis plan. 
    • Works with other statisticians on statistical methodology, study design, therapeutic area details, and data analysis. 
    • Design appropriate shells and specifications for outputs. 
  • Performs statistical analyses and interprets results for simple clinical studies.
    • Develops or QCs analysis programs to implement techniques described in the statistical analysis plan. 
    • Approves final database for freeze/lock. 
    • Assesses model assumptions for statistical analyses. 
    • Works with programmers, writers, and clinicians to coordinate data summarization and analysis activities, including summary statistics, tabulations, graphics, analysis output, and raw data listings. 
    • Develops statistical reports and statistical sections of clinical study reports. 
  • Contributes statistical expertise to project teams for the design, analysis, and reporting of simple clinical studies.
    • Serves as primary functional representative on project teams. 
    • Provides input into the preparation and review of clinical study protocols. 
    • Creates dummy and final randomization schemes for clinical studies. 
    • Participates in the development and review of CRFs, data edit specifications, and critical variable lists. 
    • Works with the project manager and functional manager to determine resource projections and project schedules. 
    • Visits clients to discuss statistical issues. 
  • Maintains, develops, and shares knowledge of company and industry procedures and methodologies. 
  • Performs billable work in accordance with WuXi CDS’s policies, procedures, and SOPs.
    • Maintains solid knowledge of drug development process. 
    • Maintains solid knowledge of SAS procedures and good programming practices. 
    • Continues statistical training on new methods and techniques via self-study, internal training and courses, and external conferences and courses. 
    • Develops knowledge of FDA and EMEA guidelines and requirements for reporting of clinical trials data. 


  • MS degree in statistics or biostatistics
  • Demonstrated expertise in multiple statistical areas 
  • Demonstrated ability to plan, implement, and monitor the statistical processes for clinical studies 
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills; Read, write and speak English.