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Director, CMC Management(Shanghai/Wuxi, China)

Key Accountibilities:

  • Lead CMC activities of protein based drug development and manufacturing. Provide leadership to all aspects of CMC Team activity. 
  • Ensure alignment of CMC activities with development and manufacturing plans. Chart the course, track progress against goals and outline key strategic events for project. 
  • Serve as the center of solution. Address any challenges and issues that arise.  Make hard decisions. 
  • Engage with key stakeholders to ensure transparency on program status and alignment on program plans, goals, resource requirements and timelines.
  • Build a solid communication with client senior management to ensure alignment
    between WuXi Biologics and clients.  Coordinate efforts and facilitates communication of team members to address client’s needs timely and effectively.
  • Coach and evaluate performance of CMC team members. Recognize and reward members of good performance. 
  • Enhance CMC related business processes. Develop & update a strategy in response to changing business needs. Manage matrix of all aspects of CMC Team activity. 
  • Keep senior management and committee informed of project status. Monitor external scientific information and serve as a key link to external Key Opinion Leaders in area(s) of focus.
  • Enhance current service offering and develop new clients. Assess business development opportunities which could impact program. Develop future perspectives. 


  • Advanced degree (PhD or MS) in Bio/Chemistry, Bio/Chemical Engineering, Life Science or related major with 5+ years of applicable work experience.
  • Strategic view and leadership abilities as well as hands on problem solving skills. Experience in managing projects is required.
  • Excitement about the vision and mission of WuXi Biologics. 
  • Experience in two or more functional areas in cell line development, cell culture, purification, analytical, formulation, MFG/MFG support, QC, QA, project management in the biologics industry.
  • Experience with staff management and/or CMC team management.
  • Ability to effectively work across all levels, functions, sites and companies.  Excellent verbal and written communication skills in both English and Chinese.
  • Experience in writing regulatory documents and submissions and ability to work on multiple CMC projects at a time