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CEO Message

Dear Valued Customers, Collaboration Partners, Colleagues and Friends,

For seventeen years, WuXi AppTec takes pride in providing high-quality R&D services to our customers in a cost effective and efficient way. Through the support of our customers and partners, we have been able to achieve solid growth in our global business. We have grown from four founders in December 2000 to more than 18,000 employees, 28 R&D sites and offices worldwide, and 6 million square feet of office, laboratory and manufacturing space, including facilities under construction. On behalf of all WuXi employees, I want to thank you for your continued trust and support.

Demand for new and more affordable therapies has never been greater. Better Medicines Faster requires open-access approaches to lower the entry barrier for innovation, and to harness collective capabilities and experience to improve the odds of success. At WuXi, our commitment is to make the most meaningful difference to patients and society by enabling anyone and any company with great minds to discover and develop new medicines and products more efficiently and cost effectively to benefit patients.

We have celebrated many great successes together with our customers and partners globally — clinical milestones, successful IPOs, breakthrough designations, and blockbuster drugs that are profoundly improving patients’ lives. It has been an honor to play a role in helping you achieve these milestones. Together, we have made important progress in our mission to deliver innovative new medicines to patients, and I am personally looking forward to growing our fruitful collaborations.

Ge Li, Ph.D.
Chairman, WuXi AppTec Group