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Global Recruitment

We are a leading global pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical, and medical device outsourcing company with operations in China and the United States. WuXi’s vision is to have a technology and capability platform to enable anyone and any company to discover and develop drugs more efficiently and cost effectively.


US based jobs

China based jobs

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Session Time

Boston Harvard  Medical School 2016 Nov.1 12:30-14:00 Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health
Boston MIT 2016 Nov.1 18:00-19:30 MIT 1-190
Boston Boston College 2016 Nov.2 12:30-14:00 McElroy Commons 237 Conference Room
Boston NEU 2016 Nov.2 18:00-19:30 Room 022, International Village, NEU
Boston Harvard  Campus 2016 Nov.3 18:00-19:30 Geological Museum 102 (Haller Hall)
New Jersey Rutgers University 2016 Nov.7 12:30-14:30 Busch Campus Center classroom 120 A&B
Philidophia Upenn 2016 Nov.9 12:30-14:00 Houston Hall 311 Griski
New York NY University 2016 Nov.10 12:30-14:30 Chemistry Seminar Room 1003 in Silver Center
New York Columbia University 2016 Nov.10  19:30-21:00 Havemeyer Room 209
Carlinfornia University of California-San Diego 2016 Nov.14 18:00-19:30 BRF2 2A patio
Carlinfornia University of California-Irvine 2016 Nov.15 14:00-15:30 TBD
Carlinfornia University of California-Burkely 2016 Nov.17 18:00-19:30 TThe Faculty Club, Lewis & Latimer Room
Carlinfornia Stanford University 2016 Nov.18 18:00-19:30 LK120 Case Style Classroom