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Pathology Senior Director (Suzhou, China)

Key Accountibilities:

  • Serve as responsibilities involve evaluation on general studie, including single and repeated(subacute, subchronic and chronic) studies in monkeys( cymonolgus, rhesus, marmoset), dogs, rabbits, rats and mice of various dosing routes (oral, intravascular, intramuscular, dermal, etc.)
  • Evaluation on irritation studies (ocular, vascular, muscular, skin.etc.)
  • Serve as responsibilities collect background data for carcinogenicity studies.
  • Budget planning and control for pathology and clinical pathology laboratories.
  • Participate in the planning and assigning pathologist including peer review for toxicology studies.
  • Function as a study pathologist.
  • Review pathology and clinical pathology report from all studies.
  • Revise department SOPs as needed.
  • Requirements:

  • 15+ years of Pathology experience.
  • 8+ years of management experience.
  • A strong history of toxicology career.
  • Excellent communication skills, including strong written and verbal skills.
    strong organizational abilities.
  • With the Pathology certification and Toxicology certification.