Synthetic Technology

A variety of synthetic technology platforms have been established to enable novel chemistry and improve synthetic efficiency over the years, which include:


Combinatorial chemistry

  • Dedicated team with 18+ years of experience in combinatorial chemistry and small molecule library design and synthesis, more than 3 million compounds have been delivered from this platform
  • Highly automated instruments enable parallel medicinal chemistry and diverse or focus library synthesis
  • Over 25,000 reagents and 8,000 unique scaffolds / building blocks in stock to facilitate library design with novelty and diversity, and expedite library production with material readiness for bench chemists within 24 hours
  • Heavy investment to build up in house reaction condition screening platform to speed up problem solving and increase success rate
  • Applying cutting-edge chemistry methodologies such as photoredox chemistry to library synthesis. Finalized several photoredox libraries with up to 100% success rate

Reaction condition screening

  • Dedicated team providing internal support and FFS service in reaction condition screening and optimization
  • Large catalyst / ligand collection, broad reaction condition coverage, small amount of starting material requirement and short turnaround time
  • Rich experience in a variety of reaction condition screenings including catalysis / ligand screening, base / acid / solvent screening, chiral resolution method development, salt formation purification method development, recrystallization method development, etc.
  • Over 110 catalysts, 50+ ligands, 60+ chiral acids and amines, along with more than 40 bases and 30 solvents are available for condition screening


  • Founded in 2016, providing FTE and FFS service in biotransformation
  • Good combination of WuXi's rich chemistry knowledge and experience with biotransformation expertise
  • 500 kinds of enzymes are available in stock, including Hydrolases, Ketoreductases, Transaminase, Amino acid dehydrogenase, Amino acid acylase, Imine reductase, Ene reductase, Nitrilase, Oxynitrilases, Monooxygenase, etc.
  • The high throughput enzyme screening capability for biotransformations
  • Rich experience in selective ester hydrolysis, asymmetric ketone reduction, asymmetric amine synthesis, asymmetric double bond reduction, etc.
  • Capability from milligram scale reaction optimization to kilogram scale production

Flow  chemistry

  • Founded in 2015, providing FTE and FFS service in research and production with flow chemistry technologies
  • Good combination of WuXi's rich chemistry knowledge and experience with flow chemistry expertise
  • Full experience in milligram to kilogram scale production
  • More than 10 different continuous reaction systems including Corning and Vapourtec flow reactors 

Fluorine Chemistry

  • Founded in 2012, with a professional and experienced team in fluorine chemistry
  • Developed and established the application of SF4 and fluorine gas in fluorination, continue exploring the new methodologies to introduce fluorine atom to organic molecules
  • Capability in normal and high pressure fluorination with F2 or SF4, from milligram research to kilogram production
  • Conduct reaction optimization and scale up in fluorination with large collection of general fluorination reagents 


  • Founded in 2017, providing FTE and FFS service in photochemistry
  • Good combination of WuXi's rich chemistry knowledge and experience with photochemistry technology
  • Strong expertise in photocatalytic reaction (blue light, white light, purple light, mercury lamp, etc.)
  • The capacity for the synthesis of a variety of Iridium catalysts for photocatalytic reactions
  • Highly experienced in different type of photochemistry reactions (such as: catalytic hydroamination, silyl radical activation of alkyl halides in metallaphotoredox catalysis, native functionality in triple catalytic cross-coupling, etc.)


  • Founded at 2017, providing FTE and FFS service in electrochemistry
  • Good combination of WuXi's rich chemistry knowledge and experience with electrochemistry technology
  • Comprehensive electrochemistry equipment with a variety of electrodes, including graphite electrode, platinum electrode, silver electrode, zinc electrode, copper electrode, lead electrode, etc.
  • Rich experience in electrochemical oxidation, electrochemical reduction and electrochemical fluorination