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Congratulations to WuXi AppTec Biopharmaceuticals Co., Ltd. for the First Successful Pilot Campaign of its cGMP Facility

WuXi AppTec Biopharmaceuticals Co., Ltd. recently celebrated the first successful pilot campaign of its world-class cGMP biologics manufacturing facility. The first 500L batch engineering run was successfully completed with an excellent cell culture titer, which marks another milestone in WuXi’s strategy to provide a comprehensive, fully integrated service platform for its biopharmaceutical customers.

A celebration was held at the facility site in the city of Wuxi. Attending were local government officials, representatives from customers and suppliers, WuXi AppTec’s senior management team and all Wuxi site employees. Guests including Director Zhu Xiaojian, Vice Director Hua Zhaozhe and Vice Director Cao Huaqiang from the Administrative Committee of Wuxi Bio-Pharmaceuticals R&D Outsourcing Service Park; Dr. PK Tsai, Leader of Analytical Outsourcing for Biologics and Vaccines from Merck; Dr. Hans-Martin Mueller, Head of Late-Stage Analytical from Merck; Dr.Yu Zou, Leader of GMP Release/Stability from Merck; Thomas Wang, Sales Director and Sarah Wang, Marketing Director at Sartorius Stedim Biotech (Beijing) Co., Ltd.

The senior management team of WuXi AppTec attending the event included Edward Hu, Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer; Chris Chen, Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, Biologics Services; Zhaohui Zhang, Senior Vice President of Operations, Head of Domestic Marketing, and Xiao Feng, Vice President of Biological Platform Technology.

All speakers congratulated WuXi for this remarkable achievement. At the end of celebration, everyone raised their glasses in a toast to celebrate the occasion and to wish the new WuXi facility a bright future.

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