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Congratulations to the official operations of WuXiPRA Clinical Research Co. Ltd.

We are very pleased to announce that WuXiPRA Clinical Research Co., Ltd. has been registered with the Chinese government and officially begins its operations today! Please join us to celebrate this very special day as we begin our journey towards building the leading clinical research services company in China!

We have full confidence in the future of our joint venture. As China has become the world’s third largest pharmaceutical market, more and more pharmaceutical and biotech companies are making China a primary focus of their product development and commercialization efforts. WuXiPRA, which brings together both PRA’s global expertise and WuXi’s local knowledge, will be the gateway to our partners’ success in China.

We believe, with the joint efforts of our talented and hard–working colleagues in the joint venture and with the great support from both parent companies, WuXiPRA will soon become the best clinical research service organization in China with a broad platform of Phase I-IV clinical research services, including clinical trial monitoring, project management, regulatory strategy and submissions, data management, biostatistics, drug safety reporting and medical monitoring.

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