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WuXi NextCODE Selected as Genomics Platform for Singapore Precision Medicine Effort

Leading national stakeholders choose the global standard in large-scale genomics to propel innovation in sequence-based digital health and medicine in Singapore and Southeast Asia

·      National Heart Centre Singapore (NHCS), together with SingHealth Duke-NUS Institute of Precision Medicine (PRISM) and Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA), spearheads vanguard population precision medicine program

·      WuXi NextCODE to install massively scalable database, analytics and reporting suite at NHCS

·      Pilot study aims to identify genetic risk factors and novel means to address heart disease risk

·      WuXi NextCODE’s cloud-based infrastructure will integrate seamlessly into digital health strategies and enable collaboration with other national genomics efforts around the world

SINGAPORE; SHANGHAI; CAMBRIDGE, Mass.; and REYKJAVIK, 5 January 2017 – WuXi NextCODE, the contract genomics organization enabling precision medicine worldwide, and the National Heart Centre Singapore (NHCS), a leading national and regional cardiovascular medicine center, today announced their partnership to advance population-based genomic research and precision medicine applications in Singapore.

This marks an important first step in a national precision medicine initiative that brings together NHCS as a leading research hospital in cardiovascular disease, SingHealth Duke-NUS PRISM, as the institutional flagship program on Precision Medicine, and the IMDA, as a part of its mission to advance Singapore’s Smart Nation vision. In addition to co-funding the project, IMDA scoped the initiative’s technical requirements. WuXi NextCODE was awarded by NHCS following a competitive review of leading global genomics platforms.

Under the partnership, WuXi NextCODE will create an instantly queriable cloud-based enterprise data warehouse integrating large-scale whole genome sequence, medical and wearables data from both cardiovascular patients and healthy control subjects recruited by NHCS. This proof-of-concept resource will power research into novel genetic risk factors for heart disease in the Singapore and Southeast Asia populations more broadly. It will also enable the generation of clinical reports offering actionable insights on different types of genetic risk, carrier status and drug response, with the aim of informing personalized health and wellness. The partnership contemplates expanding from heart disease into other disease types, and WuXi NextCODE’s infrastructure is scalable to hundreds of thousands of participants.

“We are honored to be chosen by such visionary partners to innovate cutting-edge precision medicine in Singapore,” said Hannes Smarason, COO of WuXi NextCODE. “We are the backbone for leading precision medicine projects in the US, Europe, China and the Middle East, and Singapore’s leadership in digital convergence and healthcare provides a unique opportunity to advance our technology in new ways to benefit patients and people here and across the region.”

“NHCS is delighted to partner with IMDA and WuXi NextCODE in this pilot project,” commented Associate Professor Yeo Khung Keong, Senior Consultant, Department of Cardiology, National Heart Centre Singapore. “We believe that the scientific and technical expertise that WuXi NextCODE provides will enable us to integrate precision medicine into clinical care and medical research. I am very much looking forward to this collaboration.”

"IMDA seeks to enhance Singapore’s technology capabilities through the use of infocomm media to improve the lives of citizens and enhance businesses. Our collaboration with partners such as WuXi NextCODE in bioinformatics is one example of using Singapore as a testbed to develop new innovative technological solutions that bring significant benefits and create high value-added jobs and businesses for ICM professionals in the health and pharmaceutical industries. Creating and applying new infocomm media technologies in healthcare and wellness is an important aspect of Singapore's Smart Nation journey,” said Mr Khoong Hock Yun, Assistant Chief Executive (Development), IMDA.

About WuXi NextCODE

WuXi NextCODE is a fully integrated global contract genomics organization. With offices in Shanghai; Kendall Square in Cambridge, Massachusetts; and Reykjavik, Iceland, we offer comprehensive services that enable population, precision medicine, diagnostics and wellness initiatives and enterprises to use the genome to improve health around the world. Our capabilities span study design, sequencing, secondary analysis, storage, and interpretation and scalable analytics – all backed by the most proven and widely used technology for organizing, mining and sharing genome sequence data. We are also applying the same capabilities to advance a growing range of sequence-based tests and scans in China. WuXi NextCODE is a subsidiary of WuXi AppTec. Visit us on the web at wuxinextcode.com.

About National Heart Centre Singapore

The National Heart Centre Singapore (NHCS, 新加坡国家心脏中心) is a leading specialist centre for cardiovascular diseases in Singapore and Asia. NHCS provides a one-stop comprehensive cardiovascular care in preventive, diagnostic, therapeutic and rehabilitative services for heart patients. Besides a preferred regional training and education centre for cardiac specialists and healthcare professionals, NHCS is also an active research and development centre for cardiovascular diseases, in particular its National Heart Research Institute Singapore, a joint research setup with Duke-NUS.

About SingHealth Duke-NUS Institute of Precision Medicine (PRISM)

SingHealth Duke-NUS Institute of Precision Medicine (PRISM) is the institutional flagship initiative of SingHealth and Duke-NUS Medical School that aims to drive, promote and standardize the use of Precision Medicine and Precision Health for improving patient care, focusing on diseases relevant to Asian populations.

About Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA)

The InfocommMedia Development Authority (IMDA) will develop a vibrant, world-class infocomm media sector that drives the economy, connects people, bonds communities and powers Singapore's Smart Nation vision. IMDA does this by developing talent, strengthening business capabilities, and enhancing Singapore's ICT and media infrastructure. IMDA also regulates the telecommunications and media sectors to safeguard consumer interests while fostering a pro-business environment. IMDA also enhances Singapore’s data protection regime through the Personal Data Protection Commission. For more news and information, visit www.imda.gov.sg or follow IMDA on Facebook IMDAsg and Twitter @IMDAsg.


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