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Principal Scientist of Process Research & Development (PRD)


  • Excellent knowledge in organic chemistry and organic synthesis, extensive experience in literature search and route selection, and familiar with spectra interpretation and compound identification.
  • Able to independently design new route routes and explore the alternative synthesis.
  • Capable of handling multiple complex projects at the same time, preparing the project plans, executing the plans and solving potential problems.
  • Familiar with plant equipments and operations, providing production support and conducting trouble-shooting in the plant to ensure the success of the manufacturing.
  • Complete weekly dates, final reports and campaign reports in a timely manner.
  • Teleconference with the clients. Able to discuss the technical issues with the clients and answer the clients’ questions.
  • Lead a small team with a few chemists, coach and train junior chemists.
  • Implement and comply with company and department policies such as EHS and IP policy.


  • Master degree or above in organic chemistry, medicinal chemistry, chemical engineering, or related fields.
  • Extensive knowledge and hands-on experience in organic chemistry, process R&D and GMP regulations.
  • Excellent in oral presentation and written communication in English. Skilled on Microsoft Word, Excel and PPT, chemdraw software etc.
  • As a master, 7 years or above experience in organic synthesis or process R&D and 4 years or above research projects management. As a doctor, 3 years or above experience in organic synthesis or process R&D and 2 years or above research projects management.
  • Excellent skills in problem solving, communications, project management and coordination, and team building.


Pudong District, Shanghai City / Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province

Any applications,pls contact: gitty_wang@wuxiapptec.com; china_recruitment@wuxiapptec.com