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Director of Process Research Development (PRD)



  • Be able to handle one or more major cooperation.
  • Be aware of all the requirements on all the projects in the department such as priority, timeline and other special requirements from clients.
  • Finalize the research plan and the execution program; Ensure the team fully understand the whole plan and guideline to solve the issues during execution; avoid the impact on the progress and the timeline of the whole project when issues occur.
  • Coordinate all the resource and make adjustment according to the progress and timeline on time.
  • Immediately communicate with upper management and clients when issues to impact the progress and plan of the projects occur; and provide backup plan to ensure success of the project.
  • Review COA of products.


  • Be able to lead multiple groups (30 chemists or above) simultaneously
  • Be able to manage multiple projects (10 projects or above) simultaneously
  • Be able to manage client’s projects dependently (3 clients’ project or above)
  • Organize all kinds of the trainings on the whole team to continuously improve the ability of the team
  • Promote talented team members and evaluate on all the group leaders or team remembers
  • Optimize the workflow and involve the daily management of the department
  • Recruit new staff and provide trainings
  • Ensure team members to strictly comply with all the policies of company and department. Daily Check lab safety , notebook and IP
  • Ensure the personal safety of team members and the safety of labs. Investigate and prevent any violations and accidents.


  • Communicate with clients efficiently by TC or email (carefully organize the materials and the detailed information)
  • Ensure clients to be satisfied with our communications
  • Ensure all the reports (including weekly update, final report , PPT file and campaign report) to be ready on time
  • Response to clients immediately by TC or email for some special requirements.
  • Assist to build good relationship with clients and to arrange visit for clients.


  • Master or PhD in organic chemistry or equivalent degree.
  • Be proficient in organic chemistry, process R&D and GMP regulations.
  • Excellent in presentation and communication in English.
  • 5 years or above experience (PhD) in organic synthesis or process R&D, 3 years or above projects management experience.
  • 9 years or above experience (Master) in organic synthesis or process R&D, 5 years or above projects management experience.
  • Demonstrate ability in problem solving, communications, project management and coordination, and team cooperation.


Pudong District, Shanghai City / Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province

Any applications,pls contact: gitty_wang@wuxiapptec.com; china_recruitment@wuxiapptec.com