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Director of Process Engineering (PE)


·         Responsible for team management and coordination between various parties including plant EHS for project execution.

·         Read journal and other technical papers, find new opportunities in the area of work, and give direction to the team..

·         Continuously enhance performance of the team.

·         Identify and recommend process safety tests for a process step to ensure process safety of the step in lab, kilolab, and the plant..

·         Acts as a lead author on technical reports, is a resource for technical expertise on process safety assessment.

·         Attend the process safety assessment meeting and give well-organized presentations.

·         Act as a mentor to the junior scientist, plan experiments for other scientists.

·         Investigates the use of new technology/equipment for process safety related work.

·         Responsible for overall lab safety.

·         Responsible for repair of the equipment.

·         Satisfactorily completes all trainings including cGMP, GLP and/or safety training as applicable to job requirements.

·         Strictly implement the departmental SOP, and have some reasonable suggestion.

·         Maintain the departmental 5S policy.

·         Comply with the company rules, like EHS/ IP etc.

·         Perform experiments in a safe manner to self and others. Contribute in housekeeping of the laboratory.

·         Perform any other tasks assigned.

·         Ensure department compliances such as IP and safety

·         Fully and independently responsible for Process Safety Evaluation team


·         Bachelor or above in Applied Chemistry/Applied Chemistry/Chemical Engineering or related majors

·         At least 8 years in PRD / plant environment, focus on Process Safety, flow chemistry or crystallization.

·         Management, optimized utilization of resources, planning, and scheduling. Leading cross functional teams in the area of Safety in Lab and plant

·          Good ability of coordination and communication, and good English.

·          Good ability of problem investigation and logical thinking.

·         Following customer need,Guarantee smooth production.


Pudong District, Shanghai City / Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province

Any applications,pls contact: gitty_wang@wuxiapptec.com; china_recruitment@wuxiapptec.com