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Director of Process Analytics Service (PAS)


·         Master facilities operation of PAS, such as HPLC, GC, GC-MS, HPLC-MS, and ability to the daily maintenance.

·         Familiar analysis mechanism and parts of facility.

·         Strong analytical knowledge, understand relative laws and regulations, such as ICH, USP, Chinese Pharmacopoeia.

·         As a team leader, leading the analytical research and creating reasonable plan.

·         Responsible for many process analytics project and solve the problems independently.

·         Make the conference meeting with client and give the project solution.

·         Deliver all sorts of reports.

·         Ensure effective training to team members.

·         Coach team member to fulfill assigned the projects.

·         Build and maintain the departmental SOP.

·         Manage departmental IP, EHS and IP to compliance with company policy.


·         Pharmacology、chemistry、chemical engineering or analytical chemistry related Master or higher.

·         Master chromatography and spectrophotometric analytical method as well as API physical and chemical analysis;Familiar with USP、EP and CP;Good knowledge and experience of cGMP.

·         7 years or more lab experience.

·         Good ability of coordination and communication, and fluent English.

·         Good ability of problem investigation and logical thinking.

·         Following customer need,Guarantee smooth production.

·         Ability to directing lower level employee management.

·         Making timely determination in the organization.


Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province

Any applications,pls contact: gitty_wang@wuxiapptec.com; china_recruitment@wuxiapptec.com