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Senior Director/Executive Director, DMPK Discovery Program Leader

This position is based in Shanghai, China, reporting to Head of DMPK Services at WuXi AppTec.

Job responsibilities include but not limited to:

  • Serve as a leader of DMPK representatives in partner medicinal chemistry programs.  Accountibility include Structure-DMPK property relationship (SPR) of DMPK indicators, interpretation of DMPK data to the program team, timeline management, program advancement, milestone achievement, internal collaborations with other functions (Biology, chemistry, etc.) and partner interactions.
  • Manage multiple non-medchem accounts to achieve client satisfaction and eventually revenue growth.
  • Lead and direct a functional team in DMPK dept as necessary, depending on expertise and experience in people management.
  • Identify and establish appropriate new assays and technologies relevant to ADME and PK characterization.
  • Involvement in departmental strategic planning.
  • Serve as a mentor and educator to subordinates as well as promote full career development potential.


  • PhD in pharmacokinetics and drug metabolism along with 10 or more years of relevant industrial experience.
  • Strong capability and track record of DMPK representation in support of drug discovery and/or programs.  Deep understanding in SPR for guiding medchem efforts.
  • A track record of drug candidate progression (preclinical nomination and/or IND, etc.) and broad familiarity with drug discovery and development.
  • Problem solving (scientific and managerial) skills and ability to promote an open-team oriented environment
  • An outstanding record of publications in PK/ADME-related journals.