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Group Leader/Assistant Director/Associate Director, Non-GLP Bioanalysis in DMPK

Experienced scientist to conduct bioanalytical study for DMPK service. This position requires supervision of master level scientists and managing day to day operation of the group. Excellent oral and written communication skills are requirements. Strong experience in areas of bioanalytical and LC-MS is essential.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Collaborate with line management in support of bioanalytical service for PK, PK/PD, and other preclinical studies;
  • Manage fellow scientists on bioanalytical method development, biological sample preparation, and daily operation of the group;
  • Provide strong technical support to monitor bioanalytical data quality and throughput;
  • Possess excellent trouble shooting capability on challenged bioanalytical assays;
  • Provide scientific input and represent DMPK in program/project teams, including timely written and oral communication of program related issues to multidisciplinary teams and line management;
  • Possess excellent communication and interpersonal skills.


  • A Ph. D. degree in Analytical Chemistry or Bioanalytical chemistry with at least 1 year hands-on industry experience in DMPK non-GLP bioanalysis, or a master degree with at least 5 years' industrial experience;
  • Demonstrate strong knowledge and background on LC/MS-MS instrumentation, separation science and sample preparation techniques;
  • Good understanding of different aspects of in vitro/in vivo DMPK in drug discovery and development;
  • Knowledge and experience in biology assay is a plus;
  • Strong English/Chinese communication in both oral and written is a must;
  • Good management and leadership skills are desirable.