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Study Director for Rodent PK in DMPK

Experienced scientist to conduct and manage pharmacokinetics study for DMPK service. This position requires supervision of master or bachelor level scientists and managing the PK studies client by client. Excellent oral and written communication skills are requirements. Strong experience in areas of rodent pharmacokinetics, formulation and bioanalysis is essential.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Communication and discussion with the clients on the study design and updating the study progress via oral or email; provide the study information clients need;
  • Prepare the study protocol, PK or PK/PD data analysis, report, progressing stage report, study tracking and periodic summary;
  • Conduct and monitor the study, collaborate with the scientists in animals experiment, bioanalysis and formulation team, responsible for the whole study;
  • Ensure the data and report quality, and meeting the timeline
  • Provide strong technical support and trouble shooting for the animals study, bioanalysis and formulation parts;
  • Possess excellent communication and interpersonal skills.


  • Experienced in animal PK study design, familiar with the animals welfare and animal experiments
  • Knowledgeable on excipients, experienced in PK formulation screening and selection
  • Comprehensive knowledge on bioanalytical and samples bioanalysis with LC-MS/MS.
  • Knowledge and experience in biology assay or ADME study is a plus
  • A master or above degree in Analytical Chemistry, Bioanalytical Chemistry, Pharmackinetics, Laboratory Animal Science, or Pharmacy with some PK study experiences;
  • Good understanding of different aspects of in vitro/in vivo study in drug discovery and development;
  • Strong English and Chinese communication in both oral and written is a must;
  • Excellent skills of PK software such as WinNonLin, or Phoenix;
  • Excellent skills of excel, word report and PPT preparation, documentation;
  • Sincere, independent creative and positive with a strong capacity of organization and coordination.