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Senior Research Fellow and above –Medicinal Chemistry

Job responsibilities:

  • You need to very knowledgeable in medicinal chemistry and basic biology and DMPK, good communications skills and fluent in both English and Chinese.
  • You will manage 2-3 medchem projects where you need to be the project leader/lead chemist.
  • You will integrate with biologists, pharmacologists, DMPK scientists, and CADD to properly advance projects according to set timelines.
  • You should be capable of set criteria for lead or PCC and work with lead biologists to design assay flow chart to achieve project milestones and timelines.
  • You need to be able to independently investigate to analyze and overcome any hurtles the project may encounter.
  • You should be able to research and follow competitor literature to help generate chemistry starting points or to modify existing chemical strategies to gain patentability.
  • You should be able to summarized and provide high level updates to clients or WX managers.
  • You are needed to coach a few direct report on drug design and compound progression.
  • You should be able to research and write project winning research proposals on a biological target.


  • PhD in organic or medicinal chemistry
  • 10+ years working experiences in drug discovery
  • advanced medchem programs to 2 PCCs in the clinic (served in the capacity of Chemistry Lead or Program Leader)
  • >30 publications and patents