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Sr. Scientist/Assistant Director-Antibody Discovery (Phage Display, Shanghai , China)

Key Accountibilities:

  • We are seeking a highly motivated scientist/group leader to join our Antibody Discovery group in Shanghai. The successful candidate will lead a team on the development of therapeutic antibodies.
  • Performs antibody phage library construction,selection, and screening.
  • Performs antibody lead isolation tasks including solid, liquid, and cell-based panning of antibody phage libraries, screening and analysis of selection outputs, IgG conversion, and lead characterization .
  • Operates and maintains equipment and instruments.
  • Analyzes, interprets, summarizes, compiles data and presents internally.
  • Keeps appropriate experimental records and documentation.
  • Other responsibilities may be added at the company's discretion
  • Requirements:

  • Hands-on experience in phage display and antibody engineering.
  • Strong skills in molecular biology, biochemical, and immunochemical techniques (restriction cloning, SDS-PAGE, ELISA, western blot) are highly desirable.
  • Thorough understanding of antibody display technologies and antibody engineering concepts.
  • Experience with project/grant management including keeping aggressive timelines and troubleshooting experiments.
  • Ability to direct and motivate the team of junior and experienced scientists
  • High degree of motivation and strong English communication skills required
  • PhD Degree in Molecular Biology, Cell Biology or a related discipline with minimum 2 years relevant experience
  • Excellent organizational and communication skills, a keen attention to details and controlling the development from a holistic viewpoint.
  • Safety procedures must be strictly followed at all times.
  • Signing and compliance with the company’s Confidentiality and Non-compete Agreement is a condition of employment.
  • This job description does not state or imply that the above are the only duties and responsibilities assigned to this position. Employees holding this position will be required to perform any other job-related duties as requested by Management