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Synthetic Chemist


  • Bachelors or above Degree with major in organic chemistry, medicine chemistry or other related majors
  • Have experience in organic synthesis
  • Prior to significant industrial experience in organic synthesis


Job Description:

  • Conduct literature searches for specific target compounds and spectra analysis Independently, design and determine synthetic routes according to literatures for specific compounds.
  • The range of reaction types handled capably by the scientist will be significant. Synthesize known compounds efficiently using literature or in-house notebook procedure, Analyze results using a good range of modern separation and spectroscopic techniques. Capable to complete tough projects.
  • Optimize the reaction processes and solve issues by making appropriate modifications of known methods or modification of reaction conditions under minimal supervision. 
  • Manage workload and time to enable subordinate to perform multiple projects effectively.
  • Keep accurate, legible and complete records of all experiments and observations. and ensure all necessary paperwork is completed on a timely basis.