Virology Expertise

WuXi AppTec offers the highest level of critical regulatory and technical expertise for the testing of monoclonal antibodies, recombinant proteins, cell and tissue-based therapeutics, vaccines, gene therapy products, and biologic-sourced raw materials.

Utilizing a wide variety of in vitro, in vivo, molecular and analytical methodologies, we provide a full menu of services that includes assessment of cell/viral banks and production lots for adventitious viral contaminants, and development and validation of potency/identity assays for viral vaccines and gene therapy therapeutics. WuXi AppTec is also a recognized world leader in viral clearance/inactivation validation studies.

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Expertise that can make the critical difference

Speeding product release with rapid, reliable safety testing

Preventing and responding to adventitious agent contamination

Preventing and detecting contaminants in raw materials and other components

Comprehensive testing programs for regulatory acceptance worldwide

Utilizing over 20 years of experience to guide you safely into clinical trials

Expertise, experience and regulatory knowledge – regardless the type of vaccine

Comprehensive testing programs for regulatory acceptance worldwide