Digital WuXi Global Forum 2023


Dear Colleagues and Friends,


Thanks to the wonderful support from so many of you, WuXi AppTec’s in-person WuXi Global Forum 2023, hosted during the J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference in San Francisco, was a great success with 4,000 RSVPs and over 200 audience questions submitted.


After receiving numerous requests to make it available online and to continue these important conversations, we are creating a new online program series to not only recap the key moments of the Forum for the broader healthcare community but also showcase leading organizations around the world. The series is inspired by and will focus on the “BOLD” theme: Breaking Barriers, Opening New Horizons, Leading Next Generation Therapeutics, and, Delivering on the Promise for Patients.


We encourage you to tune in and to be on the lookout for future BOLD programming, where you will hear from thought leaders and experts who are taking bold actions to advance breakthroughs for patients.


A very special THANK YOU again to our esteemed speakers for their valuable insights. In a year of challenges and opportunities, their leadership, and perspectives continue to be an inspiration for us all.


AGENDA (7am – 11am, March 30, Pacific Standard Time)


7am Welcome and Opening Remarks

Hui Cai, Program Chair and Vice President, WuXi AppTec

Minzhang Chen, Co-CEO, WuXi AppTec

7:10am Opening Plenary: State of Innovation 2023

Todd Golub, Director, Broad Institute of MIT & Harvard

John Ngai, Director, NIH BRAIN Initiative

Vijay Pande, General Partner, Andreessen Horowitz

Aviv Regev, Head, Genentech Research and Early Development

Michael Severino, CEO, Tessera Therapeutics; CEO-Partner, Flagship Pioneering

Session Leader: Mathai Mammen, Executive Vice President of R&D, Johnson & Johnson Pharmaceuticals (in transition)


Spotlight on B.O.L.D.


7:55am Breaking Barriers: Druggability Redefined

Ros Deegan, CEO, OMass Therapeutics

Dan Nomura, Professor of Chemical Biology and Molecular Therapeutics, University of California, Berkeley

Nancy Pryer, CSO, Ambagon Therapeutics

Lance Stewart, Chief Strategy and Operations Officer, Institute for Protein Design, University of Washington

Session Leader: Karen Tkach Tuzman, Senior Editor and Head of Discovery & Preclinical Development, BioCentury


8:30am Opening New Horizons: Spotlight on RNA Therapeutics

Tom Barnes, CEO, Orna Therapeutics  

John Mendlein, Chairman, Laronde; Executive Partner, Flagship Pioneering

Romesh Subramanian, CEO, Ascidian Therapeutics

Michelle Werner, CEO, Alltrna; CEO-Partner, Flagship Pioneering

Session Leader: Nina Kjellson, General Partner, Canaan


9:15am Leading Next Generation of Cell and Gene Therapies

Ken Drazan, Chairman, CEO, Co-Founder, ArsenalBio

Keith Gottesdiener, President & CEO, Prime Medicine

Laura Shawver, President & CEO, Capstan Therapeutics

Catherine Stehman-Breen, CEO, Chroma Medicine

Session Leader: Edward Hu, Vice Chairman, Global Chief Investment Officer, WuXi AppTec

9:55am Delivering on the Promise for Patients

Giulio Draetta, SVP & CSO, MD Anderson Cancer Center

Stephen Hauser, Director, UCSF Weill Institute for Neurosciences; Professor, Department of Neurology, University of California, San Francisco

Joseph Wu, Director of Stanford Cardiovascular Institute; President-Elect of the American Heart Association

Session Leader: Christiana Bardon, Co-Managing Partner of BioImpact Capital, an MPM affiliate


10:30am Building an Impactful Future

Juergen Eckhardt, SVP & Head of Leaps by Bayer

Sofia Ioannidou, Partner, Andera Partners

Carol Suh, Partner, ARCH Venture Partners

Sze-Wee Tan, Assistant Chief Executive, Innovation and Enterprise Group, Singapore Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR)

Session Leader: Michal Preminger, Regional Head, Johnson & Johnson Innovation East North America


11:10am Closing Remarks

Steve Yang, Co-CEO, WuXi AppTec