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WuXi AppTec Research Service Division and BioSolveIT Introduce GalaXi®, a Vast New Chemical Space of Tangible Molecules


SHANGHAI, CHINA; CAMBRIDGE, MASSACHUSETTS, USA; SANKT AUGUSTIN, GERMANY Oct 10, 2019 - WuXi AppTec Research Service Division and BioSolveIT today launched a new virtual chemical space called GalaXi®. Largely built from WuXi AppTec’s library of novel drug-like scaffolds, GalaXi® offers access to billions of compounds to drug discoverers around the world. Due to a carefully selected building block supply and proven chemistry, the GalaXi® space consists of molecules that can be quickly synthesized on demand.


Novel molecular entities are in high demand to combat diseases such as cancer, bacterial and viral infections, as well as illnesses of the central nervous system. Over decades, traditional compound libraries containing millions of compounds have been collected and curated. However, many more compounds, though synthetically feasible, have traditionally been inaccessible due to physical and informatic limitations. The GalaXi® space is a combination of WuXi AppTec’s chemistry expertise and BioSolveIT’s cutting edge software technologies, resulting in a chemical space housing billions of virtual molecules that can be mined within minutes and synthesized within a few weeks.


The game-changing element of this system lies in the design of a virtual chemical space that is both vast and practical in its synthetic feasibility. Navigation of GalaXi® relies on clever algorithms that account for the chemicals and chemistry expertise to turn ideas into matter. Not only is the GalaXi® orders of magnitude larger than traditional libraries, but also turn-around times and costs of custom synthesis are drastically reduced.


“We used to be able to screen millions of compounds in seconds, but access to billions of compounds in minutes is just amazing,” said Dr. Steve Yang, Executive Vice President and Chief Business Officer of WuXi AppTec. “This is exactly what our clients need. The pressure on research to come up with novel ideas is indeed enormous, both in terms of time and cost. With GalaXi we take a large step forward in improving the productivity of new drug discovery and bring new medicines to patients faster.”


“Indeed, our software searches billions of virtual molecules within minutes on a laptop,” said Dr. Marcus Gastreich, BioSolveIT’s Senior Director Application Science. “It is exciting to apply it to a tangible compound space through WuXi AppTec’s vast chemistry expertise.”


Dr. Christian Lemmen, CEO of BioSolveIT explained, “Traditional virtual screening methods reach their limit at about hundreds of millions of molecules, while our search technology has proven to work reliably with chemistry spaces of the size 1020. That is 100 billion times the size of spaces where these other methods start to fail.”


GalaXi® will be presented to the general public during a launch event on October 10 at the Partners Healthcare Research Building in Cambridge, Massachusetts. 




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