WuXi Global Forum 2022 – Advancing Breakthroughs for Patients


Dear Colleagues & Friends,

We are honored to have been able to unite thousands of colleagues this year from around the world for the 10th annual WuXi Global Forum 2022 on January 10th, 2022. Together we were able to tackle some of the biggest challenges facing our industry and catalyze actionable solutions for patients.

With the theme of “Advancing Breakthroughs for Patients,” this year’s Forum included twenty-three industry leaders on a total of 6 panels. They addressed key topics and questions relevant to the current and future state of the healthcare and biotechnology industry.

To our esteemed guest speakers, THANK YOU for leading the way with new thinking and actionable approaches as we work together to shape the future of healthcare.

Special thanks to our supportive partners: BioCentury, Biocom California, Clarivate, California Life Sciences, Endpoints News, Fierce Biotech, GEN, MBC BioLabs, Medicon Valley Alliance, QB3, Swiss Biotech Association and UK BioIndustry Association.

You are welcome to click the links below to watch this Forum on-demand (All day events or individual sessions).

WuXi Global Forum 2022

-       Conference Welcome and Opening

-       Opening Plenary: Changing the Games of R&D Productivity

-       A Special Tribute to Dr. José Baselga

-       A Special Tribute to Dr. Tachi Yamada

-       Investing for Social Impact

-       Delivering on the Promise of New Modalities

-       Closing Remarks

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